There has been a surge in buyers coming back in to the market with a larger number of real estate transactions.  With more competition amongst Buyers there is more pressure for them to

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23 March 2016

Fixed or Floating Home Loan, What's Your best Option?

Home Loan borrowing in New Zealand differs from Australia and many countries around the world by the simple fact that the majority of mortgage loans (Around 80%) are on fixed rates while this

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15 March 2016


When I became a parent over 20 years ago my husband and I decided to take out health insurance for the whole family.  This may seem a logical course of action for an Insurance Broker (which I

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8 March 2016

The Extra price of having a lower deposit

Last week, one of the major trading banks introduced new measures for those customers obtaining loans with less than a 20% deposit. The first thing that you may find surprising about that

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1 March 2016