Purchasing a new property

We at O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance recognise that purchasers have specific lending requirements. Whether it be your first residential property or your tenth commercial premises that you are purchasing, O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance will take over the responsibility of arranging and managing the finance for these purchases, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from every dollar spent on your home loan.

We understand that home buyers need to allocate their energy and resources in finding a suitable property at the right price and encourage loan pre-approval to give you the power of a cash buyer when house-hunting.  We have access to home loan products rom a range of lenders and can source the loan that best suits your immediate needs.  We will regularly review your borrowing to make sure it still suits your personal situation.

O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance will work along side associated professionals, such as: accountants, real estate agents, property managers, registered valuers, property inspectors, lawyers, lenders among others, to help formulate your strategy for wealth creation and protection.  We are able to manage all your borrowings across a wide range of lenders ensuring your strategy for wealth creation is given the maximum opportunity for growth, making us the most efficient way to manage the finances of your property portfolio. This saves you money but even more importantly time!


"When we began investing over a year ago, experts 'appeared' from everywhere wanting to advise us. Some at a high price, some for free. We always beleive you pay for what you get and were prepared to invest time and money into setting up a good support team...we didn't need to look far... our very credible accountant recommended the team at O'Hagan Home Loans and Insurance.

At first we considered using bigger companies with 'great rates', but decided it a bonus to be able to keep our broker local... now realise what started as a bonus was the best decision we could have made. O'Hagan Home Loans and Insurance work as a true team should, we have never felt only one person can advise us well. I have managed businesses in Customer Service industries for 15 years and I applaud their consistent excellence in communication, administration and always deliver good rates and advise.

Rudy Boonen & Julie Leman, Wainui