What makes us different?

The Team at O'Hagan Home Loans and Insurance Ltd is committed to providing  the highest quality of service, respect and consideration at all times, working with our clients to show how they can leverage their debt to achieve financial freedom.

Our commitment to you.

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    We offer annual reviews on all insurance and home loans that we set up to make sure that they are always relevant to your current situation

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    We have staff with a medical background giving you the confidence that if any adverse insurance decision needs to be challenged we are well equipped to do so.

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    We are available any time giving you the knowledge that you can contact us when you need at a time that is convenient to you.

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    We are the longest established mortgage broking team within the Eastern Bay of Plenty

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What do our clients have to say about us?

Feedback from our Client Survey
Feedback from our Client Survey

Why did you choose O’Hagan Home Loans & Insurances:

We were referred by a friend when we were looking to buy our first home (maybe nearly 15 years ago now).  Your service over those years has been consistently wonderful so we have never wanted to go anywhere else.

What did you find most valuable about our service?

The ongoing support that we have received over the years, as our family and personal situations have changed.  John knows us well and he really does feel like an old friend.  He understands our situation and always provides us with advice that has our best interests at heart.  He is patient and explains things in a really easy to understand way.  This extends beyond John to the rest of your team, everyone was excited for us moving into our new home, and regardless of who is around when we need help, everyone goes out of their way to help make things easier for us at all stages of the process.  Even the little things like receiving birthday and Christmas cards every year are extra special, personal touches that just make your organisation stand out. 


Thanks Trish!
Thanks Trish!

We are just so thankful Trish, I know it sounds cheesy but its “dreams come true” sort of stuff for us, and we would not have been able to do it without you and your team.

We appreciate everything you have done for us.



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