First Home Buyer


Buying your first home is an exciting adventure. As with any journey you need to have a map outlining how to get to your final destination, be equipped with the necessary tools to manage the task ahead and have a supportive and skilled team behind you to allow you to reach your ultimate goal.

As a First Home Buyer, you will be bombarded with conflicting advice and information. While family and friends will have your best interests at heart, often their advice can be limited by their own personal experience which may be outdated and not relevant to your own situation.

Many first home buyers will try their own bank first to get their home loan, only to be disappointed in the options available to them.  At O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance we recognise the relationship you have with your bank, and will always consider them as at least one of the options available to you for your home loan requirements. However it is imperative that as a first home buyer you are aware of ALL of your lending options.  Focus not only on the initial purchase, but on your short and long term goals.

In purchasing a home the ultimate goal is to become financially independent and pay off your home loan in the shortest time frame possible. The team that you need around you to achieve this, will include: your lawyer, real estate agent and of course your home loan specialist – your mortgage adviser . It is your mortgage adviser that will draft your plan to guide you to your final destination.  We will formulate a plan and help you stay on track throughout the entire duration of your home loan.

"After almost three years overseas we returned home to settle in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. A few months after paying rent we decided to take the plunge and put our hard earned money towards our own property. We had absolutely no idea where to begin in terms of looking for a house, buying a house or even what was involved in taking out a mortgage.

A friend suggested we go and visit a mortgage broker and recommended O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance as they had a good reputation in the area. We nervously booked an appointment – feeling way out of our depth and rather naive. Our initial meeting with our mortgage broker, however, allayed any fears or insecurities we had. The team at O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance were friendly and helpful and our broker completely understood our situation, outlining all the options available to us and making us feel well equipped to tackle the enormous task of buying our first home. But their guidance and support didn’t end there. I would often be on the phone to our broker after seeing a potential property and they were always more than happy to offer advice. Throughout the whole home buying process we felt like we had a ‘team mate’ in the background who we could call upon if we were unsure.

A few months down the track we found ourselves having made an offer on a property that was accepted. Again our broker came to the fore and helped us with the next steps in the process – signing contracts, organising valuations, dealing with the bank, lawyers, insurance…the list goes on. We always felt 100% supported by the team at O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance. Finally the big day came and we got the keys to our very first home! It’s almost a year since we moved in and we are happy in our new home and not as overwhelmed by having a mortgage as we though we might be! We couldn’t have done it without O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance. Their professionalism is second to none, but the service they offer goes beyond the ‘call of duty’. Little personal touches proved to us that O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance really cared about their customers".

Brad Tutua and Hannah Simmonds, Whakatane