Insurance to Protect your Business



Have you ever stopped to think what would happen to your business if you suddenly got sick or injured and couldn’t go to work?  What if it was one of your business partners or an employee with specialist knowledge? How would this affect your business in the short term? If a return to work was not possible then what would be the long term implications? What would happen if a key person died?

With around 94% of businesses in New Zealand having less than 10 employees, it is important to have a plan to protect your business and its employees, should illness affect you or one of your key staff members.  We can help you to formulate that plan and provide a cost effective solution to provide funds when you need them most. Whether it is an ongoing payment to cover business expenses during the key person’s absence or lump sum payments to clear debts and liabilities, we can make sure that the right funds get to the right people at the right time.

  • We will assist in the application process of any new insurance written

  • We would negotiate the terms and conditions of the insurance issued

  • We will assist with any claims that need to be made

  • We will monitor your policy(ies) on an annual basis (or more frequently if required) to ensure that the insurance is still the most pertinent to your situation