16 April 2020

Many of us feel like our lives have been put on hold and with the uncertainty of the economic future and we can feel powerless in our financial position.  However there is an element of control that you can take back and get you on your path to not only survive this time but to thrive and achieve your financial goals.

We have undertaken many home improvement projects which have involved painting and eventually we were able to afford to get professional painters in (Mac Painting if you’re looking for a good painter!).  We marvelled at their finished product compared to our attempts.  We thought we had done everything right ie bought the expensive paint, rollers and brushes but still there was literally no comparison to the result.  The difference was, of course, in the preparation.  The time Mac Paint spent plastering, sanding, replasterring and sanding gave us as near perfect a result as you could get.  Most of us are so keen to just get the paint up we underestimate the power of the planning and preparation but these steps ulitimately made the biggest difference.  It’s the same with planning your financial goals.


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