Trish Marsden

Trish Marsden

Trish Marsden is married with two children. With 15 years of nursing experience behind her she decided it was time for a change and joined O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance as PA to her father, Mike O’Hagan. In that time O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance experienced such growth that it was essential that another broker come on board. Trish was already doing most of the behind the scenes work for Mike and stepped up to become a full time mortgage broker in 1998.

People often say that nursing is so different to mortgage broking but Trish believes that her nursing background has allowed her to bring her problem solving skills to the table in order to maximise the lending opportunities for her clients. She believes that often when clients are in unfamiliar territory like wanting to buy a home, needing to raise finance, finding out what are the best options, having all sorts of “advice” thrown at them – they can become stressed and even panicked in to making decisions that do not satisfy their objectives. “It’s not just about getting a loan for the client that satisfies their immediate requirements – that’s easy – it’s about finding the lending solution that will ultimately help them reach their financial goals. This requires an ability to listen to the client, skill in identifying the clients precise objectives and the options available to them and consideration to treat people in a respectful and considerate manner”.

She believes that good brokering can only come from an efficient team. “The leader of that team is definitely the client – they are the one who’s life is impacted by the advice and care that you give them so they are the ones that need to have ultimate control as to the choices they make. It is our job to give them the tools to be able to make these decisions and to take the stress out of the whole process so they can enjoy the satisfaction in achieving their financial goals”.

In April 2006 Trish purchased the business of O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance becoming the sole director of the company when Mike decided it was time to hang up his mortgage calculator to focus on more important things like grandchildren, surfing the internet and catching up on all his reading material.

Trish’s interests include a passion for live theatre. Performing is her major area and she is a legend in her own mind – on the stage. She has supported the local community theatre in achieving their financial goals. She is the latest member of her family to join in the sport of motorcross and after a rather bumpy start (11 stitches later) she is an enthusiastic novice although she has some way to go in order to catch up to her kids.

John White

John White

John White came to Whakatane in 1997 when his Kiwi wife dragged him here from his homeland of London, England, and he’s very glad she did! New Zealand is the most fantastic place to live and raise a family. 

John came to Mortgage Broking from a management role in a Furniture and Home Appliance store. In his 6 ½ years there he became known locally as an honest, approachable and friendly person, and it was these traits that led to his invitation to join the O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance team as they thought that the position was one that would suit his personality perfectly. After establishing himself in the role, he is pleased to say that it was a great move and loves working at O’Hagan Home Loans and Insurance. John says, “it’s a great feeling to help people make their dreams come true and find solutions to their home finance needs. Everyday I meet with people to discuss the best way for them to reach their goals, and I feel confident in the support of being part of a great team with years of experience behind them”.

The Mortgage Broking industry knowledge and ongoing training required add to his confidence in looking after his clients needs. John says, “I love the fact that no two days are the same. At times this can be an emotional job as you’re dealing with possibly the biggest decisions in a person’s life, but I love the fact that I know that I’m always thinking and acting in the best interests of my clients and ultimately, the letters and cards of thanks I receive, tell me that my small role does make a big difference in peoples lives".

He is husband to Margo, having got married in London in 1997, they emigrated to New Zealand shortly after their wedding. They have two children and live just outside Whakatane in the house they purchased after renting it for their first five years in NZ. Having been through these processes John understands the challenges people face when moving to a new country and going through the house purchase process. He also appreciates the decision of buying versus renting having purchased his home from their landlord/father in law.

Outside the business John has been actively involved in Theatre Whakatane, having appeared in several productions over the years, and as well as spending valuable time with his family, his wide range of other interests include music, reading and football.