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The Team at O'Hagan Home Loans and Insurance Ltd is committed to providing  the highest quality of service, respect and consideration at all times, working with our clients to show how they can leverage their debt to achieve financial freedom.

Our commitment to you.

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    We offer annual reviews on all insurance and home loans that we set up to make sure that they are always relevant to your current situation

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    We have staff with a medical background giving you the confidence that if any adverse insurance decision needs to be challenged we are well equipped to do so.

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    We are available any time giving you the knowledge that you can contact us when you need at a time that is convenient to you.

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    We are the longest established mortgage broking team within the Eastern Bay of Plenty

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What do our clients have to say about us?

Thank you John and Jo
Thank you John and Jo
Good morning to you John and Jo
I would like to say thank you all so much the team of O'Hagans for your work in supporting Richard and I into our very first home.  The time that it has taken to finally get to where we are today is beyond expectations.
The professional and people skills that the team at O'Hagans have definitely surpassed all expectations.
I was very nervous John when Kath and I sat with you the very first time. We are also blessed to have my daughter Kath help me understand some of the jargon in buying a home. Things like 'unconditional' and settlement.
I was not a work yesterday as sporting a head cold and coughing a little best to keep my germs to myself and would like to thank yourself and the team for the beautiful fruit basket.
How did you all know, I eat fruit every morning as it gives me energy to get through the day. I was at a concert last night and one of my work colleagues passed it on to me. Now the cats out of the bag John as only my team leader knew what I was up to and so happy for both of us.
Once again please pass on our humble thank you to the team
Jo thank you for always keeping in communication with me without your support and answers to my questions I would be a mess.
Ma te Atua i manaaki Ki a koutou katoa let the blessings of our lord be upon you all. Mauri ora be well.
Dear Trish and Diane
Dear Trish and Diane
Dear Trish & Diane
Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we could own the home we love - we'd hoped, but you guys made it possible. We are forever grateful & thankful for all your hard work and just your all over amazingness!!
You guys rock!!!
Words just can't describe our happiness

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Jargon - the lowest form of communication

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We're all probably guilty of it - using jargon to those we know are unfamiliar with it. We would probably justify its use as being an efficient form of communication when really, it's just a way to impress colleagues and baffle and torture others. Bankers like any other profession love to use jargon. Go to our Glossary page to see some terms explained that we believe could put you on an equal footing with that all powerful lender.

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